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Sussex Teens Are Responsible Stewards

Sussex Teens Are Responsible Stewards (STARS) is a group of motivated local 12 to 19-year-olds in Sussex County who are passionate about good government and the policies that have shaped and continue to enhance the United States. Our members are dedicated to learning about and promoting policies that uphold the values of responsibility, stewardship, and civic engagement.


Being a part of STARS offers numerous benefits:

  • STARS have an impact on elections.

  • STARS learn organizational and leadership skills.

  • STARS enjoys fun, educational social events.

  • STARS gets firsthand experience in the political process.

  • STARS are aware of local, national, and international issues and how current events impact their lives.

  • STARS become well-informed voters and involved citizens who care about good government.

These responsible stewards also created Sussex Teenage Republicans, a group where members represent the future leadership for the GOP. Many of our members have gone on to hold prominent GOP offices, showcasing our commitment to developing young leaders who will shape the future of our party and country. STARS  provide a supportive environment for young conservatives to learn, grow, and make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

Honoring our Veterans today with laying of Wreaths Across America.

Honoring our Veterans today with laying of Wreaths Across America.

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