• Offer opportunities for the development of leadership skills. 

  • Educate members in the political process.

  • Work to support the election of Republican Candidates.

  • Develop programs that arm the members with facts related to current issues.

  • Support the objectives of the National TARS

  • Foster participation in local Republican events.

  • Individual ability, dignity, freedom and responsibility are basic to good government.

  • The free enterprise system and the encouragement of individual initiative and incentive are musts for a strong economy. 

  • Government exists to protect the freedom of each individual, not restrict it.

  • Government should get involved only in those things which the people cannot do or cannot do so well for themselves.

  • Both government and society should assist those who cannot provide for themselves and should help them become self-supporting, productive citizens with pride in their independence.

  • Equal rights equal justice and equal opportunity belong to all regardless of race, creed, color, national origin or sex.

  • The preservation of our nation and the security of our citizens depend on every citizen's respect for the Constitution, the laws and the courts.

  • Government must maintain sound money and a responsible economy. The rights of life and liberty are meaningless if citizens are deprived of their property through excessive taxation inflation and government waste.

  • World peace and friendship will continue through strength.


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7:00 PM on the 3rd Friday of the Month

Ocean View Town Hall

32 West Avenue, Ocean View, DE