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Ben Parsons Awarded Sussex Young Republican of the Year

Delaware GOP honors Ben Parsons as the Sussex County Young Republican of the Year. Youngest ever named such In Delaware history.

Rehoboth Beach, Del., June 3, 2022— Ben Parsons was named Young Republican of the Year for Sussex County by the Delaware Republican Party at the GOP Convention. At age 15, Ben Parsons is the youngest person to have received this award in Delaware history.

Parsons Named Young Republican of The Year, Sussex

Ben Parsons was instrumental in and is a founding member of the Sussex Teenage Republicans (STARS).

Ben was born a Republican and one of the first toys he asked for when he could speak was a stuffed Republican GOP elephant. In 2019 Parsons began looking to see if he could join the Delaware Young Republicans. Unfortunately he did not meet the age requirement. In search of a teenage republican group, Parsons was referred to the 38th District Republican Chair, Marilyn Booker, who was also looking to start a local teenage republican group. Ben eagerly joined, helping to lay the foundation for the group and becoming their first Vice Chair at age 13.

Ben began a major recruitment campaign and was able to recruit many of his friends and classmates, so much so, that the age limit for the teenage republican group had to be lowered to 12 years old and 11 year old were allowed to attend awaiting their 12th birthday. Ben was even successful in recruiting an important adult in his life from the independent party to the GOP, his mother.

Ben has gone on to be the Chairman of the Sussex Teenage Republicans and has led the club in many endeavors such as Trump Boat Parades, several Police and LEO Appreciation Events throughout Sussex County; he aided voters on election day at the 38th district polling place, providing information and aiding elderly voters, promoted STARS in the Sea Witch Parade, organized tours to places such Fort Delaware and even Mt Rushmore.

Parsons is currently participating in a course on the Delaware State Constitution with the STARS and plans to instruct the course himself next and hopefully share his experiences with the club at Indian River High School where Ben plans to attend high school in the fall. Ben is currently coordinating efforts with the NJ teen republicans to form a nationwide federation of teen and high school republican groups and is leading an effort to form the Delaware State Teenage Republicans to aid other localities form their own STARS.

Ben has also been recognized by the Daughters of the American Revolution for his essay on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and is now applying to join the Delaware Sons of the American Revolution, through his patriot ancestors who trace their roots to Williamsburg and Jamestown Virginia.

Congratulation, Ben, we look forward to seeing what you do next!

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