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Indian River School District Students Need Your Help!

Indian River School District and Students need your help TODAY! The IRSD School Board is meeting Friday 2/11/21 at 4pm and will be open to the public at 5pm at Sussex Central HS. The main topic for this meeting is how to test students for COVID19 in case of exposure. As of now, Governor Carney has mandated that students, and students only, must have their COVID19 test performed by a State agency before return to school if they have been identified by contact tracing! Not their private physician, not a legitimate private testing center, not even with an at-home test kit with a CDC supervised telemed visit. Even State employees are NOT subjected to this Heil Hitler kind of state youth indoctrination and state employees are not mandated to have COVID19 testing from a state-run facility. Nor are state employees even subjected to any meaningful contact tracing. This is state overreach and the Governor and the school boards have absolutely overstepped their authority. Only WE give them the power to continue to trod all over us and our children.

Come Stand in Line for Your State-run Testing!

Please email the IRSD board members asap, and let them know that you would like to see WHY the policy is in effect for students only, WHERE is the evidence that only state-run testing facilities are appropriate for students and not for anyone else and SHOW us the science, the evidence that backs this up. We demand an END to government overreach and an END to COVID19 testing at state-run only facilities for our students!

Please email each IRSD Board member here is the link to their emails: Board of Education - Indian River School District (


P.s if you would like to join the meeting by zoom call 302-436-1000 to request to join the meeting remotely.

Dear IRSD Board Member,

I live in the IRSD and it is my understanding that IRSD is requiring COVID19 testing for our students at state-run facilities only, and not from their private physician, legitimate testing centers or even CDC run telemed testing appointments. Governor Carney does NOT have the authority to come in between a child and their parents’ right to choose their health care provider, nor does IRSD and this board. Please send me the documentation, the scientific evidence that COVID19 testing at state-run facilities is superior to legitimate private medical testing sites that is the source for enforcing this intrusive government overreach of its authority. Also, please show me the documentation that this policy is enforced for all state employees (it is not) and why children and students alone are held to this requirement of only state-owned testing for contact tracing and return to school/work purposes.

I do not support state only facilities for COVID19 testing for students for a return to school and I urge you not to as well.


Your Name, Your Town

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