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Legislative Action Alert: DE Handgun Permits and Restricting Magazines

Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Please contact Delaware state senators and tell them to vote NO on SB3 (creating handgun permits) and SB6 (restricting magazines). Both bills are up for a vote in the Senate tomorrow, April 1st.

These unconstitutional bills proposed by anti-gun extremists are serious infringements on our 2nd amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

See the sample email below and list of Delaware state senators below. CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE | STARS (

Thank you for doing your part!


Dear Representative/Senator,

I am against SB3 and SB6. These bills:

• Leave People Defenseless

• Empowers Criminals, Murderers, Abusers & Rapists

• Disempowers Victims & Citizens

• Expands Big Brother / Surveillance State

• Changes a Right to a Privilege, costs Time & Money

• Creates victimless crimes for exercising constitutional rights, turns law-abiding citizens into criminals, especially targets low-income

• Makes illegal common, standard defense items

• Creates undefended homes, unsafe communities, and weakened national defense

These bills are going to make people choose between obeying unconstitutional restrictions and protecting their families.

Please vote No on these bills and uphold our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.


Your name



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